Nieuwe stagiair

Nieuwe stagiair van ESP fysiotherapie,


My name is Mehmet. I am a 41-year-old student at the European School of Physiotherapy in Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I will do my second internship in this beautiful practice and hopefully we will see each other here for ten weeks.

After serving in the Army for 15 and practicing Martial Arts for 20 years, I realized that I have learned enough to break people. In the second half of my life, I decided to learn how to fix them. 😊 I am quite happy with the choice that I’ve made so far and enjoying the good vibes in the healthcare.

Along with my study, I am also a certified cupping therapist who aims to integrate this ancient eastern practice with the western evidence based approach. I am still trying to learn Dutch and I hope you can help me with practicing. Maar, praten een beetje rustig, alstublieft. Alvast bedankt.

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