Nieuwe stagiaire Bori Kafka

Stageperiode 03-05-2021 t/m 27-8-2021



“Hello, my name is Bori. I am a second year student at the European School of Physiotherapy. I grew up in Budapest, Hungary as a very active child with many injuries but my return-to-play was always possible and fast thanks to the therapists treating me. I am very excited to work as a physio, so now I can help others to get rid of their complaints.

I spend most of my time outdoors, doing a variety of sports from running to skydiving.

I live with a Dutch family thus my understanding of the language is good but talking is still difficult. I am looking forward to practicing it during my internship at Corpus Vitae!”


I am looking forward to starting next week! Until then, have a great week!




Bori Kafka